Friday, February 10, 2012

Skeeter Pie

The last couple of days have been really hectic for Matt and I. I am just really not a pet person, I never have been and I don't think that I ever really will be. However, when Matt and I got married I knew that I would also be adopting his dog skeeter as a part of our new family. Somehow this sweet little dog wormed his way into my heart without me even noticing. I kid you not, he was the best pet that I could have ever hoped for. Matt's mom told me that it only took about 4 days for him to get potty trained when he was a baby and since that time he never had an accident inside the house. He rarely barked and his fur didn't even shed. He was a little bit...okay a lot stinky...all the time. Somehow having him always at home was really comforting for Matt and I because we knew that we always had him to come home to. On Tuesday night we noticed that he was really acting weird and we noticed that wherever he went he left little driblets of urine behind. Since he has never had an accident inside the entire time we have had him we knew immediately that something was seriously wrong. After a night of incredible discomfort, pain and vomiting for him we knew we had to do something for him. Wednesday, I went into work late and took him to an amazing Vet up in Alpine, where skeeter got these XRays taken: The little white dot at the bottom is the stone that was causing all of the problems for him.
The cluster of white dots in this one were more stones that would eventually make their way down and cause him even more pain.
We found out that it is very common for Miniature Schnauzers to get bladder stones and that was definitely true in his case. The vet told us that it would not be possible for him to pass it so it would either have to be removed via a catheter or surgery, and then he also had at least a dozen more up in his distended bladder. Basically he was in for a lot of pain and suffering, or a slow painful death. We decided on the third option which was to put him out of his misery, in a quick and painless way. It was unbelievably difficult, even for me, the self proclaimed pet hater. It really forced me to examine my beliefs about life, death and eternity. I was able to absolutely feel more compassion for pet lovers. I'm grateful for the new perspective. I'm grateful for more than anything that this little mini trial was about a pet that we love not a person that we love.
One of Heavenly Fathers great gifts to us is the new, broader perspective that we receive once we get through difficult times.
I've been trying really hard lately to see the eternal perspective of things that we face in this life, and I think I better understand why Heavenly Father created animals, and it's because he can use them to teach us lessons about ourselves and about life that would be much more painful to learn any other way. Skeeter has been a member of the Weidauer family for his whole life so everyone had a difficult time with his passing, but we had the opportunity to get together and have a little mini memorial service....okay it wasn't really a memorial service, but we did get together and decorate a framed picture of him with little messages to him (and yes it was as cheesy as it sounds) but I think it helped us all move on a little bit.
Now it is sitting in our living room.
We even attached his collar inside the frame. I can't end this post until I publicly thank my mom and everyone else for the love you have shown to Matt and I. We love you! And Mom, as I tell everyone I really was born to an angel on earth! Thanks for everything!

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  1. Ah! Those darn animals. How do we end up liking them so much? That is so sweet to keep his collar in a frame. I love it!